MANTA Strobe

MANTA Strobe MS-0011
MANTA Strobe MS-0011MANTA Strobe MS-0011MANTA Strobe MS-0011
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The S&S Precision MANTA Strobe, is specifically designed to fit the curvature of modern combat helmets, the Manta Strobe is a dedicated helmet-mounted individual marking device. It provides Infrared and overt light modes at the push of a button. Easily found and activated with one hand, buttons are positioned in an intuitive manner so the operator does not need to look at it. Unlike any other device, the form factor sweeps back with no protruding edges, greatly reducing snag hazards. Its patented design prevents accidental discharge of white light, so it will always turn on in Infrared mode. A tiny vibrating motor pulses, letting the operator feel that the Infrared strobe is active. Two side buttons require simultaneous activation to trigger the visible strobe, reducing operator error and increasing safety in the field.

Manufacturer Part Number: MANTA Strobe
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