Team Wendy REVOLVE Helmet Liner System

Team Wendy REVOLVE Helmet Liner System
Team Wendy REVOLVE Helmet Liner SystemTeam Wendy REVOLVE Helmet Liner System
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Team Wendy’s REVOLVE™ Helmet Liner is a 3-piece impact mitigating system designed to be a replacement liner for most ballistic shells. It utilizes an array of engineered polymer structures along with a set of moisture wicking comfort pads to provide maximum protection, comfort, and stability.

The polymer structures are constructed from a thermoplastic urethane (TPU) material that exhibits excellent toughness, abrasion and wear and microbial resistance. The structures have been designed to act as the optimal crumple zone during impact- at the same time they provide an extremely stable, secure and comfortable interface with your ballistic helmet shell. This design also provides greatly improved airflow and ventilation beneath the helmet to minimize thermal burden.

The system’s comfort pads use a field-proven construction with internal zorbium foam sealed in a water-tight barrier, and encased with mil-spec outer wicking fabric. The system installs into standard ballistic helmets with hook and loop attachment (Velcro® coins not included). REVOLVE™ is protected by US Patent D683079 and other Patents Pending.

Manufacturer Part Number: 08-40
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