Trijicon M300W Thermal Monocular, P/N IRMO-300

Trijicon M300W Thermal Monocular, P/N IRMO-300
Trijicon M300W Thermal Monocular, P/N IRMO-300Trijicon M300W Thermal Monocular, P/N IRMO-300Trijicon M300W Thermal Monocular, P/N IRMO-300Trijicon M300W Thermal Monocular, P/N IRMO-300Trijicon M300W Thermal Monocular, P/N IRMO-300
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IR Patrol M300W


The IR Patrol Series thermal monocular from Trijicon (formally IR Defense), is a military grade monocular that combines a high quality BAE Thermal Core in a user friendly housing for the next level of thermal detection. Compact, lightweight, and rugged; the IR Patrol Thermal Monocular is ready for any mission from the battlefield to the hunting field.

The IR Patrol features an easy-to-use control with the tip of the thumb – no more searching for buttons in the dark. This thumb joy-stick provides users the ability to access all features and menus in the unit from a single spot. It is extremely intuitive and easy to find with or without gloves.

Whether the user is military, law enforcement, search & rescue or hunting at night; they need a high resolution thermal monocular with accurate imagery in a compact device. Powered by the new BAE Systems MicroIR Thermal Core, the IR Patrol boasts 12 Micron performance. This provides a 50% increase in magnification during digital zoom compared to most other cores.

The IR Patrol M300W is a Weapon-Mounted Thermal Monocular Scope. It is capable of being used as a standalone scope with internal digital reticle or as a clip-on capacity in front of low magnification weapon optics. It features 640×480 high resolution running at a 60hz frame rate. Polarity Swap with MaxPol Control, Digital Electronic Zoom, Brightness and DFC Digital Focus are standard. The M300W also features Edge Detect Mode, which darkens the image while outlining heat-producing objects for quick reference. This mode is valuable for retaining the user’s natural night vision because the display is not nearly as bright. Image capture and video out are standard on all M300W Models (download cable sold separately).

The M300W’s small size and light weight make for a handy thermal weapon platform. The crosshair reticle can be used as a ranging tool as it is roughly the height of a grown man at 100 yards. In clip-on mode, it can be used with low power optics and red dot sights. The M300W is designed to attach to weapons via the Wilcox Flip Mount Base. The Flip Mount Base is a precision-engineered and crafted part that tightly secures the scope inline with the bore, but can allow it to be flipped to the side using a force-to-overcome mechanism. This quick flip feature is ideal for clip-on capabilities. The shooter can use the IR Patrol M300W in front of an existing weapon optic. But, when faced with a target behind glass (through which thermal imagers cannot see), the shooter can quickly flip the M300W to the side and engage the target with the standard optic. This saves time because the M300W does not need to be removed when faced with various environmental factors.

Manufacturer Part Number: IRMO-300
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