The Core Survival® HEL-STAR Rail Strobe® is a helmet-rail mounted visible (white) and IR synchronized strobe marker designed to install on both sides of the helmet—leaving the top of the helmet clear for reduced snag hazards and increased mobility. Created to integrate specifically into the Ops-Core RAILINK system, the HEL-STAR rail strobe draws power from the RAILINK'S centralized Battery Pack+, allowing a compact, lightweight design that delivers all the performance you would expect from a Core Survival product.


  • Small Footprint with Four Settings - High and low visibility in both White and IR. Built with CORE Survival's patented technology for maximum performance in a low-profile, snag-resistant package.
  • Tactile Operation - Switches are designed for positive operation by a gloved hand while the helmet is donned. Patented double-switch blocks inadvertent switching between visible and IR functions.
  • Left & Right-Hand Installation - Strobe modules attach to both the left and right side of the helmet-mounted rails. Communication to synchronize function between the strobes is achieved via the RAILINK system's data capability.
  • Familiar Sliding Button Operation - Settings for Off, Dim and Bright operation for both the Visible and IR functions.

Core Survival HEL-STAR Strobe for Ops-Core RAILINK

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