Cejay CIRLS (LITS) Visible Signal Beacons

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Cejay CIRLS™ (LITS) Visible Signal Beacons are an extremely rugged beacon system that has been engineered to meet the needs of Drop Zone (DZ) and Emergency Airfield (EAF) marking requirements by providing a dependable lightweight zone marking solution. The CIRLS system is currently utilized by United States Army and Air Force as well as NATO for high altitude DZ marking.

Each CIRLS™ (LITS™) Light Head incorporates an 18-LED array in a domed head filled with a proprietary resin that enhances the LED's light dispersion while sealing the electronic components from the environment.

The CIRLS™ Light Head can easily be switched ON or OFF via a single switch. The CIRLS™ Light Head is offered in either Constant ON or Flashing modes and in a variety of light colors, including Near IR and SWIR.

The CIRLS™ light head attaches to the MIL-STD BA-5598/U lithium pack battery or our CIRLS™ 123A / AA Battery Box (NSN: 6130-01-623-4297) (905117).

Wavelength Options:

  • CIRLS Constant On Amber (NSN: 6210-01-623-4301) (903519LVA)
  • CIRLS Constant On Blue (NSN: 6210-01-623-4311) (903521HVB)
  • CIRLS Constant On Green (NSN: 6210-01-623-4295) (903521HVG)
  • CIRLS Constant On Red (NSN: 6210-01-623-4300) (903519LVB)
  • CIRLS Constant On White (NSN: 6210-01-623-4309) (903521HVW)
  • CIRLS Flashing Amber (NSN: 6210-01-623-4299) (903518LVA)
  • CIRLS Flashing Blue (NSN: 6210-01-623-4307) (903520HVB)
  • CIRLS Flashing Green (NSN: 6210-01-623-4308) (903520HVG)
  • CIRLS Flashing Red (NSN: 6210-01-623-4312) (903518LVR)
  • CIRLS Flashing White (NSN: 6210-01-623-4304) (903520HVW)


Weight 2.6 ounces | 74 Grams
Size 2.1" x 2.25" | 54mm x 57mm
Battery MIL-STD BA-5598/U, CIRLS™ 123A / AA Battery Box (NSN: 6130-01-623-4297) (905117), or our legacy CIRLS™ Battery Box (905111PP3)
Flash Repeat Cycle Constant ON or Flashing (0.8 per second)
Configuration 18 Light Emitting Diodes (LED)
Coverage 240 degrees x 360 degrees
Switching Push Button


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Manufacturer Cejay
Proudly Made in the USA  US Veteran Owned Business  GSA Contract Holder: GS-07F-0042W 
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Free Standard Shipping on Orders over $500