Custom ACH Helmet

Custom ACH Helmet
Custom ACH HelmetCustom ACH HelmetCustom ACH HelmetCustom ACH HelmetCustom ACH Helmet
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NVG Holes
Wilcox 1 Hole Shroud P/N 56100G04Information [+]

Wilcox’s One Hole Army Compatible Shroud mounts onto any standard MICH/ACH style helmet drilled with a single-hole pattern. The shroud features a front bracket to ensure a secure fit of the NVG mount and goggles and is made of aerospace grade aluminum and a molded polymer.

Wilcox 3 Hole Shroud P/N 56100G34Information [+]

The Wilcox L4 Three Hole Shroud with and without lanyard and cup assembly fits MICH/ACH and Crye AirFrame helmets drilled with the standard three hole pattern. The L4 three hole shroud creates a solid mounting platform for your Wilcox NVG mount. Available with or without NVG lanyard. The Wilcox 3 hole shroud, P/N 56100G34, is the most stable NVG mounting platform available.

Part numbers

56100G34, 56100G34-T, 56100G34-B, 56100G34-F, 56100G34-G 

NSN: 5855-01-610-9318 Black Shroud

NSN: 5855-01-610-9315 Tan Shroud


Available for purchase on GSA Advantage by qualified agency buyers

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ops-core VAS ShroudInformation [+]

The ops-core VAS Shroud fits all ACH, MICH, PASGT, and LWH with the MARSOC / WARCOM 3-hole mount hole pattern

Norotos Universal Shroud, 1817010Information [+]

The Norotos Universal Shroud, P/N 1817010  accepts the standard issue A3256368 NVG swing arm without the need to change the base plate.

The Norotos Universal Shroud P/N 1817010 is designed to easily mount a night vision goggle to a 3 hole or 3 Hole helmet without the need for straps. The Universal Shroud attaches to various 3 hole and 1 Hole ballistic helmets with the most common being the MICH. This Universal Shroud will also fit non ballistic helmets such as TBH II, Revision ACH. If drilling is required please consult your helmet manufacture to obtain its effect on the integrity of your helmet.

NSN: 5855-01-569-7729-BLACK

NSN: 5855-01-569-7751-TAN (SAND)


Ops-Core ACH Head-Loc H-Nape Retention SystemInformation [+]

The Head-Loc RS was developed to improve safety, comfort and stability of chinstraps used in MICH/ACH ballistic helmets. Every component, down to each stitch pattern, was designed specifically for this purpose, giving the ACH greater utility than ever before. Custom adjustment tabs allow the helmet to be adjusted while wearing it, without any hanging loose ends. Simplified strap geometry makes the system 3X more stable than existing chinstraps. This system has resulted from years of input and testing by some of the most respected operators in the USSOCOM community. Their demanding requirements for NVG stability, multiple environment versatility and overall performance are credit to the design today. Without their help, the Head-Loc chinstrap would not exist. 


Team Wendy CAM FIT™ Retention SystemInformation [+]

The CAM FIT™ Retention System utilizes cam-lock sliders for one-handed adjustment and secure fit. The Boa® Closure System stabilizes the weight of the helmet by distributing a light, even pressure around the head, similar in feel to a baseball cap. The adjustment straps and chin-cup have been designed for a close, comfortable fit to the wearer's face. The asymmetric design keeps the buckle tucked smoothly along the jaw line while maintaining a snug, even feel around the chin-cup. The chin-cup lining ensures maximum comfort and chafe-free wear at any temperature. 

Ballistic hardware is available so the CAM Fit can be used with ops-core ARC Rails.


Team Wendy EPIC Helmet Liner SystemInformation [+]

Team Wendy’s EPIC™ (Enhanced Protection, Individual Comfort) Combat Helmet Liner System consists of a one-piece protective impact liner that ranges from 3/8" to 1/2" thickness (back is thicker than front) and 22 adjustable comfort pads provided in four shapes (oblong, trapezoid, tapered trapezoid, and triangle) and two thicknesses (3/16-inch “thin” and 3/8-inch “thick”). The comfort pad set also includes four Ultra Grip™ pads for added stability and two sweat bands for moisture absorption. EPIC™’s design utilizes Team Wendy's proven Zorbium® foam technology, offering leading edge impact protection without adversely affecting weight or heat dissipation. EPIC™ fits all standard ground combat helmets. Velcro® brand hook disks not included.


The EPIC Air™ Combat Helmet Liner System takes protection to a whole new level. EPIC Air™ features the unsurpassed level of impact protection you expect from a Team Wendy Zorbium® helmet liner, with new features that greatly improve comfort, fit and stability


Team Wendy ZORBIUM® ACTION PAD (ZAP™) NSN SYSTEMInformation [+]

The Team Wendy ¾-inch ZAP™ NSN System is the standard system authorized for all ground combat helmets. 



Ops-Core Occ-Dial Liner KitInformation [+]

Available in medium tan only

A medium OCC-DIAL will only fit inside a medium helmet

Pad system used in the FAST helmets
Six 3/4" pads and three extra 1" pads for custom fitting and tuning to individual head shapes

Fits ACH / MICH 2000 Helmets and ACH 2001 High Cut-Half Shell/ MICH 2002 Gunfighter Cut helmets.

Lightweight, multi-impact, ventilated liner system with repositionable EPP impact pads and LDV closed-cell comfort foam that is not affected by temperature, altitude, or moisture

Pads are pre-molded to the shape of a head - no more “flat” blocks

Occ-Dial adjustable fitband with replaceable leather front, nape, and side pads quickly detaches to allow convenient donning and doffing of COMs headsets with internal top headbands

Integrated Head-Loc chinstrap retention system gives helmet 4x more stability than standard issue ACH helmet suspension / retention

Easily installs using existing Velcro hook interior disks and chinstrap mounting holes

Colors: Tan, Black and Foliage Green

Weight .47 lbs (212 g)

Ops-Core ACH-ARC Accessory Rail Connector KitInformation [+]

The ops-core ARC ACH Rail kit allows the easy attachment or release a variety of accessories including Flashlights, Cameraa, Visors, COMs, Strobes, Mandible, Battery Pack, O2 Mask.

Ops-Core Rail BungeesInformation [+]

Reduce NVG wobble

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