FLIR ThermoSight HISS-XLR Thermal Weapon Sight


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HISS-XLR, FLIR ThermoSight HISS-XLR Thermal Weapon Sight

The FLIR ThermoSight® HISS-XLR clip-on thermal weapon sight allows snipers to detect and recognize man-size targets in excess of 2,000 meters, an increase in engagement range of more than 25% compared to previous models. Designed to mount on any MILSTD-1913 rail interface forward of an existing scope, HISS-XLR can interface with a wide range of day scopes and weapon platforms. Long-range optics coupled with an HD display provides crisp imagery, and portrait orientation compensates for bullet drop at extreme ranges.

Highly portable, HISS-XLR interfaces to standard ballistic computing devices and laser rangefinders designed for sniper applications. Ability to adjust with optional remote control pendant increases warfighter’s shooting stability, minimizes unnecessary movement that can potentially reveal location, and allows HISS-XLR to be set up for remote observation applications. Its distinctive combination of stand-off range and long-range target engagement provides snipers with unprecedented overmatch capability in all operational scenarios.


Best-in Class Imaging

  • High-resolution 640x480 mid-wave IR and long-range optics paired with a high-definition display provides critical image details.

Powerful Tactical Capabilities

  • Selectable ballistic/clip-on modes, instant targeting integrated with LRF and ballistics computer, and video out for remote, secure viewing provides flexibility.

Field-proven Durability

  • Rugged and field-tested on up to and including .50 caliber weapons delivers a thermal sight that snipers can count on.

Long-range Engagements

  • Detect, classify, and engage targets up to 2 km out, extending sniper mission profile.

After-Action Review Capability

  • Record real-time imagery in H.264 digital format on a removable SD card.
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Free Standard Shipping on Orders over $500