Core Survival HEL-STAR F² (IFF)


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HEL-STAR_F², Core Survival HEL-STAR F² (IFF)

HEL‐STAR F²® combines the helmet‐mounted, multi‐function overt/covert personnel marking functions of the HEL-STAR 6® with advanced Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) capabilities into a single unit.

Developed in close coordination with SOF users, HEL‐STAR F²® provides active IFF interrogation acquisition, response, and alert capabilities when interrogated by specified military targeting/illuminator lasers.

The battlefield is an ever-changing platform with many moving pieces. While elements maneuver through the fight, the HEL-STAR F²® response helps ensure that others can identify you as Friendly during high-risk periods. When interrogated by specified military lasers, HEL-STAR F² interprets the signal and alerts against friendly fire.

HEL‐STAR F²® provides more than a full hemisphere of line‐of‐sight sensitivity to incoming laser interrogations and has been verified in formal ground testing in excess of 800 meters.

HEL‐STAR F²® includes the four marking functions of the HEL-STAR 6® with two separate operating modes (e.g. overt and covert).  User-defined functions are available in White, Green, Blue, Red, and IR. The user can select custom combinations of color/emissions, steady or flashing operation, and various intensity levels.

The ability to wirelessly re-program any or all of the four marker functions in the field is available with the optional Programming Interface Module or PIM.  

HEL‐STAR F²® shares the same footprint as HEL-STAR 6® and uses the same HEL-STAR Attach Patch.

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