FLIR Recon B2-FO Thermal Biocular


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Recon_B2-FO, FLIR Recon B2-FO Thermal Biocular

The FLIR Recon® B2-FO multi-sensor biocular combines long-range imaging and target geo-location in a compact, portable, lightweight package. Integrate B2-FO into a remote kit for wireless operation and live video streaming. Add on a 2.5x extender in the field to increase target range to >10 km for vehicle-size targets. Delivering crisp, clear thermal and visible imagery for target identification at maximum standoff, the Recon B2-FO gives forward observers the flexibility and performance required on today’s battlefield.

The laser rangefinder’s single pulse design delivers rapid and highly accurate target engagement. Its operating wavelength is beyond the view of image intensifiers, which enhances operator safety by not revealing their position. B2-FO’s extreme sensitivity, narrow FOV, and MIL-STD-810-F ruggedness result in optimized range performance and increased situational awareness for a wide variety of missions, including artillery observation, sniper spotter, surveillance, and target acquisition.


Powerful Multi-Sensor Capability

  • A 640x480 cooled InSb MWIR and color CCD camera (additional uncooled sensor and stabilization available) provide superior day/ night operation.

Flexible Display Views

  • Split-screen display, two fields-of-view, perfectly matched zoom settings, GPS, DMC compass, and laser rangefinder deliver short, medium, and long-range reconnaissance.

Light Yet Rugged

  • At 8.7 pounds with batteries, the Recon B2-FO reduces operator fatigue for long-duration missions without sacrificing MIL-STD810-F hardening.

Simple Mission-Specific Customization

  • An operator selects mission-critical features from an intuitive menu, which then automatically configures the camera for operation. No pre-mission programming required.

Add Standoff Range

  • The optional 2.5x extender installs without tools on a bayonet mount to increase range performance beyond 10 km.
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