The Wilcox Dual Powered Aviation Mount (DPAM) was designed with aviators and crewmen in mind, this revolutionary aviator mount allows the operator to select between an internal and external power supply on the fly without removing the helmet and features a built in low battery indicator light.

The DPAM integrates existing ANVS-6/9, M949, F4949, F5050, & GPNVG Night Vision Goggles with Wilcox’s standards for firm attachment to ballistic and non ballistic helmets. 

Kit Includes

  • DPAM Mount
  • Interface Plate
  • Three-Hole Shroud
  • Lanyard

Features and Benefits

Field replaceable ball detent inserts ensure continued operability at set tolerances over the life of the mount.

A battery compartment stores one (1) CR123 battery to power the internal backup power supply.

  • Internal power supply provides up to 8 hours of runtime.

A Power Mode Selection Switch allows the operator to choose between the external power supply or the internal backup battery.

A Switch Guard is provided to prevent snag, and features a battery indicator light to alert pilot, crewman, & operators when battery life is low.

ANVIS mounting interface secures NVG’s.

Compatible with AERONOX/legacy external power supplies.

Flip up locks in the stowed position and enables the auto-off capabilities of the goggle.

Compatible with both flight and ground style helmets.


Dimensions 2.79” W x 2.47” H x 2.33” D Mount Power Cord 6” Long
Weight (Mount) 5.9 oz.
Materials Lightweight Aerospace Aluminum
Vertical Adjust 0.900″ Total Travel
Accommodates AN/VAS-6 (F4212), ANVIS-9 (F4949), AN/PVS-23 (F5050), GPNVG-18
Wilcox P/N 62100G04-B (Black), 62100G04-T (Tan)

Available for purchase on GSA Advantage by qualified agency buyers

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Product Sheet

Operator's Manual

Night Vision Mount Accessory Guide

Wilcox DPAM G04 Kit

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