The Wilcox MUM Arm Assembly, enables a MUM, GT-14, or FLIR Breach to be attached to a bridge to be used in conjunction with a AN/PVS-14.

The bridge flips up allowing the operator to stow the thermal or NVG flat against the helmet. The MUM-14 features adjustments to customize the position of the Night Vision Goggle for proper eye position and provides a maximum low profile position to the helmet in the stowed and collapsed position.

Features and Benefits

Quick Disconnect mounting and dismounting to the helmet mount interface and goggle.

Threaded connectors allow for easy mount and dismount of the arm assemblies.

Collapses in stowed position for added low profile.

Locking wedge wheel provides rattle free attachment to the goggle.

PD Adjustments allow optic angle to be secured at a variety of points.

Friction Pivot provided to secure the tension of the mounting arm.

Quick Connect allows easy attach and detach of the goggle.

Release button provides lower snag hazard over currently fielded mounts.


Materials Lightweight Aerospace Aluminum
Accommodates Devices with MUM-14 rail
Wilcox P/N 61306G01-B

Wilcox MUM-14 Arm Assembly

MSRP Price
61306G01-B, Wilcox MUM-14 Arm Assembly
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