The Caiman Ballistic Helmet is a streamlined, lightweight next-generation Special Operations helmet solution. A series of modular accessories enhance this helmet suite, ensuring users are equipped with the lightest, most comfortable, and highest performance head protection possible. This item is only available for Military, Law Enforcement & Government end users.
  • Caiman Ballistic Shell
  • Wilcox® L4 Series Shroud
  • Rail System
  • APEX Liner System
  • Hardware Kit


Five-size Comfort Fit

  • Five sizes ensures users are wearing the lightest, most stable helmet, with optimized comfort and performance - resulting in an estimated 40% of users wearing a lighter helmet.

Mission-Specific Scalability

  • Designed for integration - with skeletonized rails, NVG mount, mandible guard, personal signature management system, armor appliques, and a bevy of mission-specific accessories - the Caiman head systems is a scalable solution for specialized operations.

Skeletonized Rails

  • Durable desgin that is 30% lighter than current rails and ensures integration with dovetail style attachments and O2 mask clips as well as other performance enhancing equipment. Built-in bungees provide integrated cable management and stability for NVGs.

APEX Liner System

  • Best-in calss APEX Liner System is infinitely customizable with the dial-fit band and movable pads, providing the ultimate comfort and impact protection.


  • The skeletonization of all system components has significantly reduced the overall weight, and the neck load burden.


  • Galvion's helmets meet strigent quality standard and are designed to meet U.S. military specifications for ballistic threats, structural rigidity, blunt impact, and fragmentation.


Shell Weight

  • Small: 1.47 lbs (0.67 kg)
  • Medium: 1.53 lbs (0.69 kg)
  • Large: 1.61 lbs (0.73 kg)
  • X-Large: 1.77 lbs (0.80 kg)
  • XX-Large: 1.92 lbs (0.87 kg)

Meets the following Performance Standards

  • Modified and abbreviated NIJ 0106.01 / NIJ 0101.06 IIIA THREATS
  • Modified and abbreviated NIJ 0106.01 / NIJ 0108.01 IIIA THREATS
  • Modified and abbreviated Family of Tactical Headborne Systems dated June 30th, 2017
  • Modified and abbreviated US Army CO/PD-05-04 dated October 30th, 2007

Galvion Caiman Ballistic Helmet System

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