Team Wendy EXFIL® Ballistic Ear Covers (set of two) provide scalable ballistic protection and are quickly and easily installed without tools onto any EXFIL Ballistic or EXFIL Ballistic SL Helmet.

Provides total additional coverage area of 136 cm2 (21.1 in2).

In combination with EXFIL Ballistic or EXFIL Ballistic SL helmet, provides comparable or greater coverage than a full cut ACH helmet (Increases total EXFIL Size 1 coverage to 180 inand EXFIL Size 2 to 191.8 in2 – Compare to ACH Large at 178.8 in2).

Ballistic Performance

  • NIJ Level III-A (according to NIJ STD 0106.01/0108.01)


  • One size fits all sizes of both the EXFIL Ballistic and EXFIL Ballistic SL helmets. Compatible with both the EXFIL Rail 2.0 and the EXFIL Rail 3.0.


Team Wendy EXFIL Ballistic Ear Covers

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