The FLIR MilSight® T90 TaNS™ is a high-resolution weapon sight that mounts on any MIL-STD-1913 rail interface forward of an existing scope, adding night vision capabilities to daytime target acquisition platforms. Based on the US Special Forces’ SU-270/PAS, this clip-on I2 sight is designed for close-quarter combat and short-range tactical engagements. It offers mission flexibility as a weapon sight with up to 8x magnification; mount with a spotting scope for long-range reconnaissance or use handheld as an observation device.

Ideal for tactical operations out to 400 meters, T90 TaNS’s ability to image IR pointers allows target pointing and handoff with teammates for rapid, coordinated engagement. Comfortable eye relief allows for long-term use as a night spotting scope. Configurable with white and green phosphor tubes for high-performance US and exportable versions. White phosphor provides a natural looking scene while 72 line-pair resolution in either green or white phosphor produces sharper scene details for longer-range target engagements.


Optimized For Close Combat Rifles

  • Effective on all weapons from carbines to .50 caliber bolt-action rifles with optical sights up to 8x.

Built-in Image Intensifier Protection

  • A Generation III I² tube for brighter, sharper images in starlight, and permanent boresight alignment provide ultimate low-light performance.

Small, Light, and Simple

  • Large, rugged controls—powered by one AA or CR-123 battery— and its lightweight portability and simplicity reduce operator fatigue.

Adopted by US Special Forces

  • Type SU-270/PAS designation signifies extensive test and qualification, engendering shooter confidence, operational safety, and long-term use.

Shock Mitigation Maintains Sight Boresight

  • TaNS 90 absorbs and dissipates high shock loads while extending tube life and maintaining zero.

FLIR MilSight T90 Tactical Night Sight (TaNS)

T90-TaNS, FLIR MilSight T90 Tactical Night Sight (TaNS)
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